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Netflix Reveals Details About 'Stranger Things' Season 2

Tower Builder - The Knight's House Paper Miniatures

Tower Builder - The Knight's House

The Knight's House is a five-story Tower protected by a small wall. It's the perfect location for a base of operations, or somewhere to rest between adventures.
The Knight's House is a set of printable dungeon floorplans compatible with any RPG/Dungeon-Crawl game. It can be used as a standalone gameboard, or combined with any same-scale tileset.

The Knight's House is a multiple level set, comprising 5 battle maps (each depicting a different floor)
Ground Floor (20x20) - The ground floor of the tower is surrounded by a small courtyard with stables and a jousting list, with a strong wall. The ground floor houses a large kitchen and store. 
First Floor (12x10) - This floor holds the Great Hall, where the Knight greets visitors.
Second Floor (12x10) - An armory and combat training arena.
Third Floor (12x10) - The knight's solar, with bed, garderobe, dining area, small study and chapel
Fourth Floor (12x10) - An attic bedroom for squires and men-at-arms.

The Knight's House is part of the Tower Builder range. You can put the floors in any order, or add in floors from other maps in the Tower Builder range to make custom towers.
Each Tower is associated with a different class or character type, making them perfect as a base for your character.

Also included is a set of 300dpi full-size jpg's, for poster printing or VTT (gridded and gridless)

The Knight's House 5 battle maps, and can be printed at 28mm and 25mm scale.

About Heroic Maps
Heroic Maps boards are flexible enough to be used with many game systems.
Mix and Match with other Heroic Maps!
Mix and match levels from the Tower Builder range to make unique and custom towers!
  he first two releases are The Knight's House and The Ranger's House, but we've got lots more planned and the range will continue to expand.

The Dungeon Dozen: Sometimes Its Boring in the Dungeon

The Dungeon Dozen: Sometimes Its Boring in the Dungeon: d12 1. Entire level once an ancient library haunted by undead entities consumed by a lust for research, 96% of collection devoted to geneal...

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Dungeons & Dragons:Treasure Cards! by Paul Weber

Today Paul Weber released another free great set for Dungeons&Dragons:Treasure Cards!
From gems to coins, to the Kings crown there are over 160 new Treasure Cards along with some homebrew treasure items. The zip file contains a glossary and organized folders to help separate gems, art objects, and coins. The cards come in sheets and as single PNG files so you can continue to use them as you wish.
Download Treasure Cards:

Download Equipment Cards :

Medieval Market Lego Diorama

Lego Lugpol Castle Medieval Village


LEGO Medieval Street Market

Sandy's Design Corner - Darkness

Sandy talks about the Darkness Empire of The Gods War.

Iron Danger Movie Official Trailer (2017)

Iron Danger Is Adventure,Sci-fi and fantasy Film Is directed by Lauri Konttori, Sami Timonen and Writer by Lauri Konttori, Elias Lönnrot which has a domestic theatrical release in the year of 2017. There is currently one video available for the film, of which one and only one is a trailer, as listed below.

Marvel's Thor: Ragnarok Fan Trailer (2017) [HD]

Marvel's Thor: Ragnarok Fan Trailer (2017) [HD]

Setting Saturday The Broken Bridge

Setting Saturday

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Storm King’s Thunder. more previews

Storm King’s Thunder. WotC’s Extra Life campaign has hit $20,000, so here’s two more previews that have been unlocked by Wizards of the Coast.
Appendix D: Special NPCs – This preview focuses on some of the NPCs that are referenced in Storm King’s Thunder, but can be utilized in any adventure. These stat blocks include an image, as well as roleplaying information.
We get 4 NPCs in the preview…
  • Beldora – Member of the Harpers
  • Sir Baric Nylef – Knight of the Order of the Gauntlet
  • Shalvus Martholio – a shepherd with an important assignment
  • Lifferlas – A tree awakened by a druid from the Emerald Enclave
Random Wilderness Encounters Preview – Characters exploring the North are likely to encounter wandering monsters. This new Random Encounters section will help create unique encounters to challenge your players.
Here’s a quick screenshot from page 2.Screen Shot 2016-08-26 at 4.15.23 PM
Visit WotC’s Extra Life page to see all the previews and support this charity event.

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Crusader-era grenade

The hand grenade is a handsome example of a weapon in common use by Islamic forces during the Crusader (1099-1187), Ayyubid (1187-1250) and Mamluk (1260-1516) periods. It is made of unglazed ceramic and embossed with grooves and tear drop-shaped designs. It has a domed top over a spherical body that tapers to a point. They were filled with incendiary material – petroleum, naphtha, Greek fire — and thrown or catapulted into the enemy camp where they exploded fire that water could not put out on their targets. There’s a small hole in the top into which flammable liquid could be poured and a wick added once the grenade was loaded.
Some scholars believe these vessels were not weapons, but rather perfume bottles. They’re certainly pretty enough for it and it seems counterintuitive that someone would bother to decorate an explosive projectile whose sole function is to destroy itself and take people down with it. On the other hand, their shape makes them markedly unsuited for placement on a dresser, requiring a rack or holder to keep them vertical, and the decorations also have the practical function of making the devices easier to grip in the hand or set snugly in the sling of a catapult. A smooth clay grenade would be dangerously easy to drop.
There is historical and archaeological evidence of this type of vessel being used in war. For one thing, clusters of them have been found in fortresses, castles and moats. The 12th century historian Mardi ibn Ali al-Tarsusi mentioned in the military manual he wrote for Saladin in 1187 that terracotta vessels with incendiary contents were launched from catapults or thrown from ramparts. Other sources from the 12th, 13th and 14th centuries describe the clay gourds in more detail, explaining how they were used in battle and the various launching methods. Chemical analysis of residue inside several similar pieces discovered traces of rock salt, pine resin and other flammable materials. One gourd on display in the National Museum of Damascus has an inscription that leaves no question as to its bellicose purpose: “This kind of projectile is useful for targeting the enemy.”
The IAA is grateful that the family has voluntarily come forward and handed the artifacts over to the state. Officials plan to give the Mazliah family with a certificate of appreciation and, which is way cooler, have invited the family to visit the IAA laboratories where the artifacts will be studied and conserved.

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Middle Earth Blu-Ray Collection Unboxed (HD) Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit

Middle Earth Blu-Ray Collection Unboxed (HD) Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit

FANTASTIC BEASTS AND WHERE TO FIND THEM International Trailer #1 (2016) ...

FANTASTIC BEASTS AND WHERE TO FIND THEM International Trailer #1 (2016) J.K. Rowling HD

D&D Equipment Cards by Paul Weber!

This is an amazing job made by Paul Weberover 300 printable cards in one free PDF, the cards contain all the basic equipmentgear, anditems from the Official D&D Player’s Handbook as well as vehicles, food, mounted equipment, weapons, armor, and a few homebrew items.
Download the entire zip (242MB) :
or download single cards layout:

Thor Ragnarok Hela Behind The Scenes Teaser Breakdown

Thor Ragnarok Hela Behind The Scenes Teaser Breakdown

New Sets? | Assassins Creed Mega Bloks

 Assasins Creed Mega Bloks

Top 10 Marvel Graphic Novels

Top 10 Marvel Graphic Novels

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Lego Rivendell. (Lord of the Rings)

Lego Rivendell. (Lord of the Rings):

Middle Earth PSAs

PSAs for Middle Earth:

Bard Fiction

Highgate Cemetery setting

Pictures of Highgate  to provide inspiration for necropolis settings.

Proverbs of Middle Earth

The Proverbs of Middle-Earth. Faramir's first one, though. <3:

Saxon/viking Grave Illustration

Illustration of Saxon Viking grave and grave goods

Vikings:  Sketch showing a #Viking corpse before interment, based on Norse grave finds at Cumwhitton, near Carlisle, #England.:

Rogue One Trailer (feat. Beastie Boys)

The Origin of the Sporran

The Origin of the Sporran

The Sporran, Scottish Gaelic for “purse,” is a traditional component of the male Scottish Highland Dress. It is, in essence, a pouch that serves the same function as pockets s traditional kilts do not include pockets.
In this infographic, Kilt Rental USA takes a look at the origin of the sporran as well as featuring a few different styles of sporrans that are available today.

The Origin of the Sporran | Infographic Journal | Bloglovin’

(31) Early Medieval Motte and Bailey by Pierre Joubert

(31) Early Medieval Motte and Bailey by Pierre Joubert | Ancient Peoples & Places | Pinterest

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7 Weird and Alternative Ancient Weapons

7 Weird and Alternative Ancient Weapons

Gods War Testimonials

We showed Glorantha: The Gods War to a number of fellow game designers at the July 2016 Gamerati Game Day in Tacoma, WA. Here's what they had to say...

Top 10 Movie References In Video Games

Top 10 Movie References In Video Games

LEGO Captain America The Winter Soldier - Good Guys vs. Bad Guys

LEGO Captain America The Winter Soldier - Good Guys vs. Bad Guys

LEGO Star Wars - Rebel

LEGO Star Wars - Rebel

Battle of the Brick: Built for Combat - The Movie

Battle of the Brick: Built for Combat - The Movie

The Spartans go to war on the shores of Zanzibar! Watch as the battle continuously escalates in glorious stop-motion action inspired by the Halo Franchise in the full-length featurette from Kooberz Studio!

Mutant Mosquitoes in Florida

Mutant Mosquitoes in Florida

107 Sausage Party Facts - (ToonedUp #174) | ChannelFrederator

107 Sausage Party Facts - (ToonedUp #174) | ChannelFrederator

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Swords from Tolkien

Swords from Tolkien by taghuso1.) Ringil: Sword of Fingolfin...face it Fingolfin and Ringil really handed it to Morgoth. He never came out again. That makes Ringil #1.

2.) Aranruth "King's Ire": Sword of my boy, Elu Thingol. Thingol is willing to part with any sword in his store but his own. A testimony to it's dopeness.

3.) Anglachel(Gurthang): The cursed sword of Beleg and Turin, crafted by the dark elf; Eol. A dread and dangerous sword. " There is malice in this sword. The dark heart of the smith still dwells in it. It will not love the hand it serves, neither will it abide with you long." Melian

4.) Anguirel: Eol's own sword. You know Eol made himself a nasty sword. So nasty, Maeglin made sure to steal it.

5.) Glamdring: Sword of Turgon, Sword of Gandalf. The Foe Hammer...'nuff said.

6.) Orcrist: Sword of Thorin. The Goblin Cleaver. A sword of Gondolin, and dreaded among orcs and goblins.

7.) Grond: Mace of Morgoth. The Hammer of the Underworld. I know it's not a sword, but I couldn't draw Ringil without drawing the weapon it matched against. It's not at the bottom of the list, but stands as a representative of the super heavy weight class of magical weapons.

God's of Tolkiens Middle Earth

J.R.R. Tolkien's mythology: The Valar:

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Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Trailer Tease

So we live in an age where we get a teaser for a trailer.

Gen Con 2016 Attendance Record

Gen Con 2016 Continues Turnstile Attendance Records in Transformative Year
INDIANAPOLIS (August 9, 2016) Gen Con 2016, which for the first time featured more than 500 exhibitors and an expansion into Lucas Oil Stadium, continued a seven-year streak of record turnstile attendance with 201,852 attendees, up 2.5% from 2015 attendance. Unique attendance remained nearly flat, ending at 60,819. Unique 4-Day Badge holders increased 4% year over year.
“Our goal when planning Gen Con 2016 was to optimize the attendee’s experience,” said Adrian Swartout, Owner/CEO of Gen Con LLC. “We introduced a new pricing structure to incent earlier badge purchases to help improve show planning, and also created more comparative value with our 4-Day Badge. By growing the Exhibit Hall and expanding into the stadium, we were able to improve attendee traffic flow and offer more entertainment opportunities. Reviews of this new show experience have been overwhelmingly positive.”
Gen Con also set records with the number of events at the convention, surpassing 16,500 ticketed events. The pre-show Trade Day program, held on August 3, once again sold out with more than 550 participants. Gen Con’s official charity partner of 2016, The PourHouse, will receive more than $35,000 from donations created from on-site programming, including a large contribution from Mayfair Games.
The convention returns next year to Indianapolis, August 17-20, to celebrate the historic Gen Con 50.
Additional Gen Con 2016 Feedback
“What an exciting four days! From the first-time visitors, to the long-time attendees, Indianapolis welcomed Gen Con with the enthusiasm and hospitality our city is known for. Year after year, it’s gratifying to see Gen Con grow and expand, and even better to have participants enjoying all Indianapolis has to offer during their stay. I know I join Gen Con leadership, Visit Indy staff, and the entire city of Indianapolis when I say that we are looking forward to next year’s Gen Con 50 celebration – we’re ready for the best Gen Con yet!” Joe Hogsett, Mayor of Indianapolis
“Gen Con is a one-of-a-kind cultural event that energizes our city and drives about $71 million in annual economic impact. Central Indiana’s hospitality community looks forward to the ‘Best Four Days in Gaming’ all year and we are proud to be the event's host city for the 14th time. We congratulate Gen Con’s leadership team on seven straight years of record-setting attendance in Indy!” Leonard Hoops, President & CEO of Visit Indy
“Gen Con keeps getting better and better. From the unparalleled number of multi-day attendees to the hospitality of the people of Indianapolis, Gen Con is the essential annual gaming event, an unmissable opportunity to debut new products as well as connect with lifelong friends.” Erik Mona, Paizo Publisher and Chief Creative Officer
"We cannot wait to see what 2017 brings with celebrating 50 years of Gen Con!” Dave Colt, Co-Founder/Head Brewer
About Gen Con
Gen Con, LLC produces the largest consumer hobby, fantasy, science fiction and adventure game convention in North America. Gen Con, The Best Four Days in Gaming!™. Acquired in 2002 by former CEO and founder of Wizards of the Coast, Peter Adkison, the company is headquartered in Seattle, Washington. Gen Con 2016 was sponsored by Mayfair Games, Paizo, Inc., and Rio Grande Games.
Media Contact:
Gen Con LLC
Stacia Kirby, (206) 363-1492

Gen Con LLC | Gen Con 2016 Continues Turnstile Attendance Records in Transformative Year

Roman Limes Tower.

Roman Limes Tower

limes (/ˈlmz/;[1] Latin pl. limites) was a border defence or delimiting system of Ancient Rome. It marked the boundaries and provinces of the Roman Empire.
The Latin noun limes had a number of different meanings: a path or balk delimiting fields, a boundary line or marker, any road or path, any channel, such as a stream channel, or any distinction or difference.
The word limes was utilized by Latin writers to denote a marked or fortified frontier. This sense has been adapted and extended by modern historians concerned with the frontiers of the Roman Empire: e.g. Hadrian's Wall in the north of England is sometimes styled the Limes Britannicus, the frontier of the Roman province of Arabia facing the desert is called the Limes Arabicus, and so forth.
This was the traditional definition and usage of the term. It is now more common to accept that limes was not a term used by the Romans for the imperial frontier, fortified or not. This is a modern, anachronistic interpretation. The term became common after the 3rd century AD, when it denoted a military district under the command of a dux limitis.[2] Some experts suggested that the limes may actually have been called Munimentum Traiani, Trajan's Bulwark, referring to a passage by Ammianus Marcellinus according to which emperor Julian had reoccupied this fortification in 360 AD.[3]

roman limes tower:

Roman writers and subsequent authors who depended on them presented the limes as some sort of sacred border beyond which human beings did not transgress, and if they did, it was evidence that they had passed the bounds of reason and civilization. To cross the border was the mark of a savage. They wrote of the Alemanni disrespecting it as though they had passed the final limitation of character and had committed themselves to perdition. The Alemanni, on the other hand, never regarded the border as legitimate in the first place. The Romans were foreigners changing native place names and intruding on native homes and families (see under Alemanni), only to be tolerated at all because they were willing to pay cash for the privilege and offered the blandishments of civilized life.
According to Pokorny, Latin limen, "threshold", is related to limes, being the stone over which one enters or leaves the house, and some have gone so far as to view the frontier as a threshold . The Merriam–Webster dictionaries take this view, as does J. B. Hofmann in Etymologisches Wörterbuch des Griechischen under leimonThe White Latin Dictionary denies any connection, deriving limen from *ligmen, as in lien from *leig-, "tie". The threshold ties together the doorway. The American Heritage Dictionary refuses to go further than Latin limes.

Limes Germanicus 2nd c.png

Limes tower Danube River Valley

"Legionaries building a watch-tower above the Danube gorge", Peter Connolly:

Another. style of tower fort.A Roman watchtower garrisoned by just a tent group of ten men out on the frontier watching for enemies of Rome.:

The stem of limeslimit-, which can be seen in the genitive case, limitis, marks it as the ancestor of an entire group of important words in many languages, for example, English limit. Modern languages have multiplied its abstract formulations. For example, from limit comes the abbreviation lim, used in mathematics to designate the limit of a sequence or a function: see limit (mathematics). In metaphysics, material objects are limited by matter and therefore are delimited from each other. In ethics, men must know their limitations and are wise if they do.
An etymology was given in some detail by Julius PokornyIndogermanisches Etymologisches Wörterbuch. According to him, it comes from Indo-European el-elei-lei-, "to bow", "to bend", "elbow". The Latin meaning was discussed in detail by W. Gebert.[6]
The sense is that a limit bends across one in some way. The limes was a cross-path or a cross-wall, which the Romans meant to throw across the path of invaders to hinder them. It is a defensive strategy. The Romans never built limites where they considered themselves free to attack. As the emperor had ordered the army to stay within the limites except for punitive expeditions, they were as much a mental barrier as material. The groups of Germanic warriors harrying the limes during summer used the concept to full advantage, knowing that they could concentrate and supply themselves outside the limes without fear of preemptive strikes.
In a few cases, they were wrong. The limit concept engendered a sentiment among the soldiers that they were being provoked by the Germanic raiders and were held back from just retaliation by a weak and incompetent administration: they were being sold out. So they mutinied. The best remedy for a mutiny was an expedition across the limes. Toward the later empire, the soldiers assassinated emperors who preferred diplomacy and put their own most popular officers into the vacant office.

Roman Villa Floor Plan || Flickr

Roman Villa Map: Roman Villa Floor Plan | This the floor plan with a descript… | Flickr

Trajan's Column

Trajan's Column

Building Trajan’s column:

TRAJAN'S COLUMN - The victory of the Roman emperor Trajan over the Dacians in back-to-back wars. By Fernando Baptista, Daniela Santamarina and Emily Eng. Published on April 2015.:

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Kuelap, the giant fortress built

The fortress of Kuelap or Cuélap (Chachapoyas, Amazonas, Perú), is a walled city associated with the Chachapoyas culture built in 6th century AD. It consists of more than four hundred buildings surrounded by massive exterior stone walls. The complex is situated on a ridge overlooking the Utcubamba Valley in northern Peru and roughly 600 meters long and 110 meters wide. It could have been built to defend against the Huari or others, but evidence of hostile groups at the site is minimal.

Quill How To Make Quill Pen. Milkyroad قلم پر Перо קולמוס

The story of the pen

Your Quilling me!

The story of the pen

The word pen is derived from the latin term, "penna" which means feather.
The swan, goose and turkey feathers most commonly used to make the pens, had the larger capillaries for better ink flow.
In Shakespeare's time, all that was available as a writing instrument was the quill; he wrote his many masterpieces like Hamlet, Othello, Macbeth & more with a hand cut feather quill pen.(When it comes to Shakespeare, I can see where the term "The Pen is mightier than a sword" comes from; all those tragedies he wrote..In his hand, the pen truly was a sword to his characters!) Unfortunately over time his from dipping his quill into the ink, his fingers turned black and so retired.
This form of writing tool was used for over 1500 year. From the Egyptians' fine reed brushes to the Romans' Hollow reeds & stylus feather quills, fountain pen & now our ballpoint pens, ( typewriter & then computer) writing instruments have come a long way. Sadly thanks to the computer formal writing is becoming a lost art. When I told someone I was handwriting my story, then typing to file they called me "Hardcore"
Aside from Shakespeare, the quill pen has written most of the famous documents if not all in history. The dead sea scrolls, Magna Carter, The constitution of the united states (if I remember right, I think in the pictures of the signing you will see them using quills), and the beautiful Illuminated manuscripts. What do I mean by illuminated? Illuminated lettering is pretty much-decorated lettering. If its block letters it is usually decorated inside with various colors & can be very complex with flora & fauna, animals, Celtic knots, & more all of this inside or outside of the letter, bringing it to life! I've also seen where it was just the background was decorated & the letter was just plain with a different color to pop) The illuminated letter was usually the first letter of the page or paragraph.
These pens around every 2 sheets of writing would have to be sharpened, and would last but about 1 week or 2. It's the left wing of a bird that is used for the quills, mainly goose, swan or crow even Ostrich have been used. (those are the ones that look like they are waving at you while one is writing) and were the most comfortable for those who are right handed as the curve of the left wing quill best fit the right-handed writer.
have you found a large bird feather? Do you want to use it for a quill pen? The best are said to be from geese and for the finest most detailed writing crows flight feathers work best.
They are still used occasionally in modern times usually calligraphy, scrapbooking, and some other creative outlets.
Before you do anything, soften & cure the tip by putting it in a container of hot sand or hot water. This will prevent it from shattering when you cut it with the knife (no matter how sharp)
Calligraphy ink is used when writing with a quill (feather) not India ink as that has adhesive properties. (that will most likely bind itself to & ruin your Quill pen.)