Monday, May 31, 2010

More Pocket items

Here are more pocket items.
A few more late additions for contest:

Broken bottle with sharp top stoppered by cork - dex check or causes 1 point of damage

Hanged man tarot card with a PC's name written in red across it

Locket made of silver shaped like a canine figure

Scroll with magic ingredients, shopping lists with all but three items marked off

Broken compass only points in one direction, each time opened is different

Belaying pin with seveal notches etched into sides with the name Raven etched into it

Highly detailed ship in a bottle. Close examination shows the name Raven on the prow

Drink token from nearby tavern the Kraken's Reach

Bag w/several polished glass beads

Calf skin gloves with the name of the Watch Commander's wife on the inside

Advertisement for local adult entertainment establishment seeking new talent

Scribes case with quills and ink. Inscribed "To the scriber of my heart, Love Jocleo" in elvish script

Toy horse with missing front leg

Gate pass for city gate after hours

List of city watch and how much they receive in bribe money per week, month or to look the other way

A very small shrine statue of a diety

Half eaten sausage w/dried mustard

Chapbook of very bad dwarven poetry written in dwarven

Very smelly cheese (but very delicious)

Double sided coin

Dice 2 six-sided, 1-3 load 4-6 straight

Dagger with dried blood on hilt

Half mask studded with silver around the eyes

Small set of articulated armor about 9" tall. Each piece has the name of the piece printed on it

Very thick glasses with case inscribed "Lucien"

Pawn shop ticket

Hand grenade (dud?)

Silk scarf with a yellow eyed red dragon attacking a village embroidered on it

Items you can find from pockets

Here are twenty items that I entered into Role Playing Tips Dot Coms contest that ends today so hurry up and get you entry in for some neat prizes

Shell about 1gp in size with mermaid on one side and a kraken on the other.

An everburning torch causes second stealth check to conceal.

A Leomund’s Tiny chest filled with maps and an autobiography “There and Back Again: The True Story” by G. Books 1-10, missing book 5

Toy monkey with the word Farley written on leg

Broken wand; any attempt to mend causes it to begin to sparkle like a firework after working correctly for 1d6 times

Highly detailed gingerbread man

One modern can of tuna.

One bloody rag.

A finely written note that says tag you it. _2 luck modify on rolls has long has they have possession of it.

Small bottle half full of sherry.

Sack of marbles and chalk.

Golden set of flatware 25 gp value.

A list of something in a code. List location of member s of the royal family and times they are to be alone.

A book fill completely with the ravings of a madman.

A green brooch that looks like a living tree.

Sextant with the name raven cut into the edge.

Love letters all perfumed and wrapped with a red ribbon address on the outside of envelopes smeared by tears my hap.

Fine ladies undergarments with initial ANS on the them.

A note that instructs the reader to kill the bearer of the scroll.

A small music box with a unicorn that dances in the middle when wound.

Handkerchief with a crude map drawn on it.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Skullduggery avialable

Just recieved this link from Robin Laws concerning his new game Skullduggery.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Comic shop Ho.

I am spending the afternoon at the local comic shop to give the owner a second pair of hands on new comics day.Hope to have many interesting things to type by this evening. You can visit it at for a virtual tour

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Ultra nice website

Want to have a map reafy for Cofc just go to
tp get up to date maps and reports concerning digs in the Vally of the kings and others some even come with a video tour.

Well back t the grindstone

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Room Encounter

The Ball Room

Deep within a dungeon sits this rather large room at 80’ by 80’ that has two levels an upper level with seating reachable by four 5’ doors. Each side has a very detailed statue facing down to the field. The field as seem from above seems to have several items piled around the sand floor. Several decomposing bodies are also laying around 1d6+2.
Light comes from the ceiling about 40’ upward. Vines have started to grow down and will cause an occasional shadow to appear to move across the stands. If the PCs sit down they will have a faint tingle then a phantom sound of a crowd shouting in an unknown or unrecognizable language. The sand seems to coalesce into phantom movements.

The real fun begins when the PCs enter the arena floor. A loud booming voice issues from the statues “Welcome to you who are to honor your gods. So begin your test of strength, both of body and of faith.”
“For any barbarians who don’t know of our gods’ test you must seal the idols faces with these three orbs.” Three stone orbs appear floating around the center of the arena. “Your opponents are the souls of our greatest warriors.”

The sand forms into humanoid shapes make to look feral and menacing. The number is 1d3 per PC. AC equal to PC HP equal to PC. Damage Slam w/fist 1d8/1d8 push 5, able to go into arena sand and appear anywhere on the floor. Immune to lightening but slowed by fire. Regenerates when merged with sand at 1hp per round spent moving under sand.

Any PCs who attempts to exit the field by climbing above the banister that the statues are resting upon will be struck by a lightening bolt of 3d6 divine damage and pushed back down to the floor. Length of game is scoring 3 sets 3 times in alternating idols. If PCs lose they die in a swirling mist of sand, blood and sweat. If they win, they get to choose items determined by the GM as the treasure reward.

Statues seem to move while the game is in progress but cannot be removed or moved by PCs except by the power of a Wish spell. Infraction of the rules will cause a gong to sound and the infracting player will receive a 2hp shock with a penalty shot to the opposing team. GM could be very arbitrary about what is an infraction i.e. breathing hard, broken boot lace, possession of weapons, etc.

Aura of magic is strong divine and necrotic. All healing is boosted for 1 day after this encounter due to residual effects.

To scale up the encounter, the balls can be replaced with spheres of annihilation constructed to move by combined WIS and INT. Think of it as an epic level dodge ball. Strength required moving a normal stone ball is minimal but is increased to a plus equal to the strength bonus. +1 equals additional square on the movement and so on.

BAB applies to sinking in stone with range set up with 10/20/30 being short/medium/long. Specters have a BAB of +6 with STR +4.

When the sand specters are defeated the PC’s can move back up in to the bleaches with a simple climbing check without any interference from the Statues. Or they can exit out thru the porticlis leading out to an unknown section of the dungeon.

Will try and post the artwork i did of the room.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Productive week

Very productive week finsihed several ideas and starte research on sailling vessals.

We have more strawberries just outside our door nothing like fresh of the plant berries. It looks like a good haul for the mulberries later this year.

Been listening to the dungeon master guys at Critical hits very good advice.

This weekend is Ancon in Hudson Ohio will not be able to attend but now the guys will put on a good show after all they were the original group who brought Origins to Ohio. Looking forward to origins. They have a very good track for children with Autism and Our youngest number 2 always has fun. Also the guys from Guild will be there for WErPS.

More later

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Fun Day

Had a very fun day on the way to the library with youngest number killing arcs and attacking fire hydrants with our sticks, Oh for the day it was always so simple.

New coffee house is moving into the old coffee shops spot hope these people can make a go of it.

Spent last night writing while the wife made bread at the church basement. Interesting to watch and reminded me of the old days when we would have our separate projects but shared an office.

Joined up on facebook.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Project gutenberg

I have used the project for several text and wanted to help it back with some promotions.

Go To Project Gutenberg

Monday, May 17, 2010

Research day

Today is just a research day for Hadrian's wall and just getting my emails caught up with.

Sent of two articles to day as well playing around with the blog and MS works. Boy are things differ ant from the old trash 80.

Hope to get in touch with the Dice man Bob Kendal this afternoon about the you tube video and set up a link

Photo added from Massive voodoo who are celibrating thier 200 follower.

Peddlers notes


Traveling peddlers around the realms.

The life of a traveling peddler could be as light and care free as any minstrel or as much about drudgery as any miser depending on the outlook and area traveled by them. Peddlers traded in small usable everyday objects that would be needed in the markets in their traveling area; around six to twelve miles for the various market days. A full purse from a market could make the traveling a light hearted affair moving from inn to inn with a private room and bath to celebrate the arrival of the fair, But a just a wrong purchases or a too heavy handed tax man and it back to the alewives common room

Market days they were very lucky if were they compensated by the local lord. Foreign traders were required to change money into local coins and sometimes were delayed by law up to two hours before they could enter the fair so as to let the locals get first crack at items. Also tax collectors could remove items from tables as part of the lords’ tax. So as a means to grant favors to kinsmen lords could grant a fair untaxed for one of their vassals so that they curry favor with the merchant class.

Records show that 2400 market days were held within a given year. This did not account for annual trade fairs which highlighted the locally produced goods. These produced revenue in the form of taxes and fines and rents. Cost of transporting goods to a market was calculated at 1.4 to 3 percent of the cost of the goods depending if it is transported by water or land. Also what was to be paid to the workers that helped with portages and tax collection points were worked out by a right of trade agreement set by the merchants and the local lords the choice made by the worker for either a cloak, gloves or food. Plus a cash payment to the toll collector based upon number of items or type going up river or down.

Gold was rarely seen by a peddler as the people used mostly copper and silver pennies minted by the government. Gold was used by the government itself for large purchases of land and ships. Then those were usually transferred with purchase agreements signed by the parties involved. Banking could exist in a fantasy setting by the use of a series of money lenders and guild exchange houses that have given them their members a set rate for funds deposited with others in lue of hard cash. Trade bars are used by costars where they are minted but are usually given a discount the further away they are traveling from its origin point. Peddlers could also exchange money for the local fixed merchants at a higher rate as they are returning to the trade bars point of origin so that the local’s blacksmith and tavern can take these forms of currency

Peddlers travel only short distances for their markets and good average around 8 miles. The farther the distance the greater the increase in the cost of the items. Areas with several villages would have several traveling peddlers where as a small isolated town may only have the peddlers who have it as a turning point or destination who may arrive with wagon loads of goods to service the populace. Groups of peddlers could work the same circuit at alternating times of years to take advantage of the seasonal needs of the area or the desires of the locals. After all if there is no money or barter items available then the trip is wasted time and distance.

Other merchants or traders would buy and sell as they went along to a targeted destination. This was done by the Polo’s as they ventured east, Glass and Venetian trade goods to the Holy Land then Holy Oil to Christian enclaves east on the silk road then onto China. In the game Mercers could be sending agents/buyers along trade routes to find new suppliers of raw or finished goods to bring back to their locations to sell. These agents may be able to act directly for the merchant or they may have some instant way of direct communication via magic. These agents and or mercers are looking go the quickest way to the most profit and are looking to cut corners on travel and time spent on the road, cheap animals and way station points for the coaster to resupply and rest.

Merchants are more generalized in their business pattern such as taking a wagon north to the dwarves mines. selling pots and pans on the way to the villages and when they arrive at the mine they can convert all the unsold pots and pans to be made in to pig iron and anvils. They then return back to the south selling the pig iron and anvils to all the smithies along the way and picking up fancy worked iron from the smiths to sell in the city when they return, setting the cycle to repeat.

Mercers have a general location that they are buying and transporting to, to sell in their home towns or trying to open a new market for any overflow goods from their main market location . Sometimes they are attempting to be rid of older and damaged goods by selling out in the sticks. Beware, this is what set Washington against his British trading partners. Also, the city that I have lived in and done business in for the last twenty-two years was founded by a man who wanted to unload water damaged calico from the Erie canal. So the mercer could be the buyer from the above Iron merchant.

Some enterprises required that shares be sold to see the risk spread. Amounts several individuals and profits shared by those who risked more in the beginning, Ships are a major example with them costing in game terms tens of thousands of gold shares being bought and resold as peoples fortunes ebbed and flowed. shares in a boat being built could be considered better collateral then one at sea after all in the middle ages 4 out of ten ships did not return to their home port and in certain times it was as high as 7 out of ten due to pirates and weather. But years until a merchant man’s return was also not that uncommon. Leading to the old saying when my ship comes in, I can redeem my shares. This could also lead to new treasure possibilities for your game, a chest filled with various ship shares that have yet to return.

Merchant guilds exist to help run the mercantile life of the city some of them going as far as to say who can sell what where and when such as in London fish caught above a certain stream could only be sold up to a certain bridge and never below it. Produce could only be hold in one square and butchery was to take place along the route to the river. The merchants guild could also work towards better trade rights the other guild and city rulers. city fines and fees to the advantage of their members.

Tradesman or craft guild exist to help buy in bulk and apprenticing rights and services. Fathers could place a son with the guild for a certain fee. Paid to the guild in either money or property. The sons would then begin their servitude with the guild until they were given journeyman status and then could travel freely about to establish themselves with in the union.

Next part who works for merchant the NPCs and what they do.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

sunday afternoon

Blogging has been interesting that it will allow me to pass on some of the great blogs that I have come across during my research sessions.
like The Lost fort ( For some of the most indeed review of sites n Europe with text pictures and history.

Nest would be the scrolls of the platinum warlock who has such a passion for his characters and game play it is hard not to get pulled up in the excitement.

Christian from Detonation Unknown who has my vote for foody and GM bar none. It is amazing how a great game and great food go hand and hand. Oh for the days of Jolt cola and Twinkies.

Trip to the Doctors went well on Friday my blood suger responding well so now I can start my rehab for my cardio troubles. You know it going to be a long day when the cardiologist tarts wtih" You have a very unusual heart".

Alan My 15 year old and his friends have started to role up characters for a 4 th edition game He real likes the new system. I kind of miss the old way that monsters were described I cannot seem to get my "mojo" up for 4 th ed monsters. it could be in all the details that are on the listing. Well more later this week.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Just thoughts

Stories filled my mind of bandits and brigands at the keep on the borderlands. Forty years of Afton Borr, Preston and others seeking the Malachite throne. Through Dungeons Unknown to either stand victorious or add thier bones with the countless score.

Gygax, Arnson and Moldvey persons all renowned added fuel to the flames eternal to those who seek to master dungeons both deep with logic and power to reap. Boxes of all colors and hues, editions basic to advance all given to peruse pursue to the dungeons of our desire and the dragons of our power.

Buccaneers and pirates upon sloops most fast slip thought the misty Nyr Dyr upon the wild coast to tread under our adventurous feet to Battle orcs, goblins with kobolds galor at the Pamrjero. From jungles reek to mountains deep so on adventuring with vows to keep. Hellfire from furnaces of giant keeps to the volcano home of lichs seek the to whelm and wave the human race under the black razors spell under the mountan white with ash.

Weiss and Hickman added to our hoard of gleaming treasure with stories bold ofAnsoln held firm by the dragons claw of evil intent rill heroes arouse to find the ways toward seasons anew when legends of old would be retold to forge anew the lances that could pierce the Vail of evil Tiamats heart Kenders played with no fear to be seen as dragon riders battled with shining knights upon turreted walls. Players gave their all to be worthy of tales to be told and compared to Huma who stood like a giant with in their minds.

Realms forgotten but well remembered upon the brow of one Ed of the Greenwood dwell has stories of those who unheralded came to life so well as ventures cause them whose cold comfort did seek the harbor of Waterdeep. Of chose few of a goddess did dwell with silverfire of masked lords and ladies who give a mystic voice to those they rule.

upon this scene comes the scholarly Kovak and Grubb with walkers dark a nd the birth of the wizards three. Brave and bold harpers stand against a tide unceasing of wizard dark and krakens deep whose plots do seek to sour the music of those who harp.

Has cousins three venture forth from the city of moonlight and silver to find adventure bold with the moon wood cold where the dead did not rest. Next was venture deep to the turlanch wood to find a man of metal steel but a soul of gentle being nest to spoil a plan most foul by a lich who seek the power of the fallen Karsus blood. This group anointed Karsus's wish to repent his folly did stop the blood most foul.

Adventures come and adventures go life has gone on and technology has changed our game ourselves. We would wait for the mailman to bring forth our letters, zines and monthly magazines, sometimes taking months to arrive from overseas. Now we have email blogs and twitters. 124 character to express our game views. For better or worst. Enjoy the game for itself, for the freedom to be the best geek we can be

Till we meet again in the sunless cavern of sun bleached bones

Monday, May 10, 2010

Who got me into gaming

When I look back on how I became interested in gaming I see what is a perfect storm like of location of a small mid western town, a need to read and a thirst for what was beyond the horizon. Being the youngest of six children and a large age difference between myself and my sibling made my imagination my best playmate not to mention the empty garage and sturdy apple tree that over looked the train tracks. 

Movies of the time with claymation monsters from the mind of HH and magazines by the great Fory Ackerman help fire the need for something other then card games and chess. So when out of the Mind of  EGG came this new experience brought to me by someone in the Drama Club I was hook. My parents spoke a mantra that I remember to this day  "At least he is not doing drugs" It may be weird and unknown to us and it maybe a gateway to devil worship but at east he is not on drugs..

Years before the Internet and the WWW we would communicate with fellow gamers  through the mail with APA, or fanzines we would mimeograph off and send out about the world I have meet many fine and wonder people including my wive and we have two wonder children who also play games. We ran a game shop for fifteen years and my most fond memory was in 1996 at thanksgiving All my family was gathered around worried about making it to retirement or if the plant was going to close and as they then turned to me I just looked at them and said I just need to lower my tax liability next quarter but hey "at least I not on drugs."

Good gaming all.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

who started you in gaming

Welcome to my attemt to remain forgotten. Hopefully unsuccesfully by giving voice to my feelings about what is happening in the world of gaming.

Big news this week is that WOTC will co-sponser Gencon and Hall sponser the Trading Card Hall this was confirmed by Stacia Kirby the PR person of Note. This is more along the lines of a Hasbro Marketing push to give them a test bed for their products and show a good push into thier 4th qtr profits.

Fun questions is who started you in gaming?

Conventions this month are AnCOn in Hudson a growing convention Put on by long time conpromotor Super Dave and will have the Dice Man Bob Kindle in attendance.

The big show of the month will be the 35th annual MARcon in Columbus. the big regional Science fiction and fantasy con at the Columbus Hyatt. This will also have the Dice man in attendance but the dealers room is juried so they will be no new dealers from last year. But the Dealers room is a free pass so well worth the stop by.

Blog of the week is dungeonmum check it out for lots of good content.