Thursday, January 5, 2017

Tales from the Yawning Portal | Dungeons & Dragons


Dread tales told in the dead of night!


Price: $49.95 C$63.95
Release Date: 04 April, 2017
Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 9780786966097
When the shadows grow long in Waterdeep and the fireplace in the taproom of the Yawning Portal dims to a deep crimson glow, adventurers from across the Sword Coast spin tales and spread rumors of lost treasures. Some of yarns overheard by Durnan, the barkeep of the Yawning Portal, are inspired by events in far-flung lands, or even other worlds across the Planes, and these tales have been collected into a single volume.

Within this tome are seven of the most compelling dungeons from the 40+ year history of Dungeons & Dragons. Some are classics that have hosted an untold number of adventurers, while others were some of the most popular adventures ever printed.

The seeds of these stories now rest in your hands. D&D’s most storied dungeons are now part of your modern repertoire of adventures. Enjoy, and remember to keep a few spare character sheets handy.

For use with the fifth edition Player’s Handbook, Monster Manual, and Dungeon Master’s Guide, this book provides fans with a treasure trove of adventures, all of which have been updated to the fifth edition rules. Explore seven deadly dungeons in this adventure supplement for the world’s greatest roleplaying game:

Against the Giants
Dead in Thay
Forge of Fury
Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan
Sunless Citadel
Tomb of Horrors
White Plume Mountain
Tales from the Yawning Portal | Dungeons & Dragons

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Dragon Cover 169

The heroes have found their dragon but will they survive the final confrontation? Denis Beauvais captures the terror and excitement as the adventurers meet their quarry or their doom.

Dwarf Illustrations Dragon Magazine

Clanggedin Silverbeard, The Father of Battle, one of the Dwarven Greater Gods, by Jim Holloway from “The Gods of the Dwarves” by Roger Moore, Dragon magazine #58, February 1982.
Dragon Magazine 168 Role Playing tips

Monday, January 2, 2017

RPG Etiquette! (Game Master Tips)

27 Question to ask your new RPG character.

27 Question to ask your new RPG character.
  1. How old is your character?
  2. Are your parents still alive?
  3. If one or both of your parents are dead when and how did they die?
  4. Who raised you after your parents died?
  5. Do you have any siblings?
  6. Have any of them died?
  7. If any siblings have died how did they die?
  8. What do your siblings do?
  9. Is your character married?
  10. Does your character have children?
  11. What social class is your character from?
  12. How has their upbringing affected their world view?
  13. How did your character get started in their chosen class?
  14. Does your character have any heroes or inspirational figures?
  15. Does your character have any significant personal items?
  16. Is your character religious?
  17. Is your character guided by a prophecy?
  18. What is your character’s view on magic?
  19. Has your character ever served in the military?
  20. Has your character ever been arrested? What for?
  21. How did your character meet his current adventuring companions?
  22. Has your character ever crossed anyone?
  23. Does your character have any enemies?
  24. What are your character’s goals in life?
  25. How important is the accumulation of wealth?
  26. If your character died tomorrow what would they be remembered for?
  27. Where did your character learn or train their skills?