Thursday, November 25, 2010

Game Mastering thoughts.

What do Game Masters really want? They want a group of good size but not to small nor to large. They want people to roleplay but to move the adventure along and not bog down. They want a group tohave some internal conflict but not to lose it cohesion They would like thier adventures to be deadly but not to be a killer DM they want thier players to have power but not to much that they have a cake walk They want to have prep time but love to fly by the seat of thier pants.

As a Game master I found that the best way to handle this is to concentrate on just having fun when you game. give everyone a chance and just concentrate on fun factor. Relaxing and just giving the PC's enough to do but not to over load them make sure they take notes to help remind them of the tasks they are working on and important NPC's and information. I alwaysed look at running a gane like a movie very few movies are over two to three hours so gaming sessions should be set toio have a break at a good plot time for food and restroom breaks.

If usiong minis allow them to help set the scene our group played at a small table so it was decided to forgo the mini and leave the snakes in the middle. It requiredthat I develop a mire verbal GM style for combat and give it a more even flow. We also movevd to 10 secound per round six rounds per combat turnwith intative added largest roll going first with a NASA style countdown to one and then a restart on the next round. the PC's could then occupy themselves with otherthings until their action was needed.

Things have been very chaotic with my illness raising up it ugly head and an increase in my pain medication to help me get back to normal. we hope to be having a Pathfinder campaign get started shortly. But hopefully I can get back to updating my blogs and harrassing people on Facebook.

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

New update

Hello everyone, When I started this blog it wwas to help me deal with an issue of being forgotten by past friends and relatives. But since June I have been inudated with old and new friends causing me to want to turn off this blog and start another for GamePAWN. It is a organiztion to promote networking amoungts Publishers,artist and writers in the gaming indusrty.

So I write this to close a bad chapter and thank you one and all yoou can follow GamePawn through the blog that is starting on Wednesday or through twitter at Gamepawn. I will still be following all of you very closly and posting my pithy comments.
More so after oru first meet and greet party at Gen COn You can also email me at

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Just an analog person in a digital age

While enjoying a very productive day of writing at the coffee shop I notice that I was the only one going old school amounst the black berries and lap tops I sat having fun just wrinting with my I-Pad from the late twenth century and has I browsed the web I came across this picture from The Lost Fort Blog.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Follow me to the Year of the Dungeon

Cool site I found not to long ago.

Cool maps and very nice items

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Encounter drwings

Here are the room encounter art sceaches that i worked up on my non-crashable i-pad with a graphic number two interface.
It was a lot of of fun thinking like an adventure that wanted to document what he has found and get back to the really old school roots of just pencils paper and dice but with the internet through in to show it to others.

What has been keeping me busy

Bread for fundraising to help a Church in El Salvador train bakery skills to those in need.

First test batches have been very delouse but time consuming on learning our Church's ovens hot spots. Hope to get some gaming in tonight with the boys.

Monday, May 31, 2010

More Pocket items

Here are more pocket items.
A few more late additions for contest:

Broken bottle with sharp top stoppered by cork - dex check or causes 1 point of damage

Hanged man tarot card with a PC's name written in red across it

Locket made of silver shaped like a canine figure

Scroll with magic ingredients, shopping lists with all but three items marked off

Broken compass only points in one direction, each time opened is different

Belaying pin with seveal notches etched into sides with the name Raven etched into it

Highly detailed ship in a bottle. Close examination shows the name Raven on the prow

Drink token from nearby tavern the Kraken's Reach

Bag w/several polished glass beads

Calf skin gloves with the name of the Watch Commander's wife on the inside

Advertisement for local adult entertainment establishment seeking new talent

Scribes case with quills and ink. Inscribed "To the scriber of my heart, Love Jocleo" in elvish script

Toy horse with missing front leg

Gate pass for city gate after hours

List of city watch and how much they receive in bribe money per week, month or to look the other way

A very small shrine statue of a diety

Half eaten sausage w/dried mustard

Chapbook of very bad dwarven poetry written in dwarven

Very smelly cheese (but very delicious)

Double sided coin

Dice 2 six-sided, 1-3 load 4-6 straight

Dagger with dried blood on hilt

Half mask studded with silver around the eyes

Small set of articulated armor about 9" tall. Each piece has the name of the piece printed on it

Very thick glasses with case inscribed "Lucien"

Pawn shop ticket

Hand grenade (dud?)

Silk scarf with a yellow eyed red dragon attacking a village embroidered on it