Sunday, May 16, 2010

sunday afternoon

Blogging has been interesting that it will allow me to pass on some of the great blogs that I have come across during my research sessions.
like The Lost fort ( For some of the most indeed review of sites n Europe with text pictures and history.

Nest would be the scrolls of the platinum warlock who has such a passion for his characters and game play it is hard not to get pulled up in the excitement.

Christian from Detonation Unknown who has my vote for foody and GM bar none. It is amazing how a great game and great food go hand and hand. Oh for the days of Jolt cola and Twinkies.

Trip to the Doctors went well on Friday my blood suger responding well so now I can start my rehab for my cardio troubles. You know it going to be a long day when the cardiologist tarts wtih" You have a very unusual heart".

Alan My 15 year old and his friends have started to role up characters for a 4 th edition game He real likes the new system. I kind of miss the old way that monsters were described I cannot seem to get my "mojo" up for 4 th ed monsters. it could be in all the details that are on the listing. Well more later this week.