Friday, May 25, 2012

D&D Next material recieved

I like the other seventy million bloggers have received the e-mail about being in the next set of play testing.  Numbers have not been released but the number of download requests caused the main servers to crash for several hours today . Figuring it would take a greater length of time I opted to wait until 9pm est to start my attempts to download material. It still took two hours. But now
i am ready to start the play testing.  Those locally will get a time table via Face book concerning when and where to come give it a try.

What I am looking for is a return of the DM running the adventure and not just facilitating the adventures between the parties five minute workday. Is this edition easy to teach to the players and will it capture their imagination to grow their PC's and their own enjoyment of the game. 

Here hoping that I get the old feelings that make me want to create with this new edition as I felt in past editions.
More to follow.