Friday, May 3, 2013

May Updates GENCON

Gen Con Indy 2013: Roll for Initiative
Happy weekend, Gen Con Indy fans!

Gen Con Event Registration is just about two weeks away, and the team is working eagerly to make this year's show the best Gen Con Indy ever! With more than 9500 events in the system, we're sure that there will be many of interest to you. To register for events, attendees will need a valid 2013 Gen Con Indy badge purchased prior to May 19, 2013. Stay tuned for updated event listings, prior to the opening of event registration!

To update your account or get a badge, just go to

Fantasy Flight Games

Gen Con LLC Announces Multi-Year Agreement with Fantasy Flight Games
Yesterday, the Gen Con team proudly announced a multi-year agreement with Gen Con exhibitor Fantasy Flight Games. The deal will make Fantasy Flight Games a Contributing Sponsor from the present through Gen Con Indy 2015. As part of this sponsorship, expect Fantasy Flight Games' presence at Gen Con Indy to expand with even more opportunities for attendees to interact with the acclaimed multi-platform game company.

To read the official press release, click here.
Robotech® RPG Tactics™ - now funding on Kickstarter
Join the Cause!

Robotech RPG Tactics
Based on the popularity of last week's Kickstarter posts, this week we have another interesting Kickstarter from longtime Gen Con Indy exhibitor Palladium Books® .

The popular Robotech® TV show and RPG brought to life as a fast-paced, strategy battle game!
● 1/285th scale, multi-pose plastic game pieces (40mm to 80mm tall). World-class sculpts.
● Combat rules use D6 and a turn-based system of play.
● Scalable from small squad skirmishes to mass battles; two to multiple players.
● Combat is fast and designed to emulate the anime action.
● Measuring tape required to determine targets and distance.
● Designed in partnership with Ninja Division, which brings together the design talents of Soda Pop Miniatures and Cipher Studios, makers of Super Dungeon™ Explore, Relic Knights™, Helldorado™ and Anima Tactics™. Rules by David Freeman, Carmen Bellaire and Alessio Cavatore.
● Tournament play support is planned.

If you want to participate, hurry, the Kickstarter campaign ends May 20. Click here to visit the Robotech® RPG Tactics Kickstarter. The more Kickstarter pledges the campaign receives, the more they can do for the Robotech® RPG Tactics™ product line. They want to do all eras of Robotech® mecha! Help us make that a reality.

Visit Palladium Books® at Gen Con Indy for Robotech® demos, hundreds of game products, and to speak with game designers, writers and artists. And watch for the 2013 special discount in the Gen Con Coupon Book.

Visit for more details about all of our games, from Robotech® and Rifts® to Heroes Unlimited™ and Nightbane®. Thirty-two years of world building and making RPGs.

Enroute Spa

Massage Returns to Gen Con Indy 2013
The Gen Con team is excited to welcome back local business Enroute Spa to Gen Con Indy 2013. Based on the feedback of satisfied attendees from last year's show, the team knows how much you like on-site massage after a weekend of non-stop gaming and fun!

Throughout the year, Enroute Spa is a day spa located inside the Indianapolis International Airport offering massage therapy, natural nail services (manicures and pedicures), and handcraft retail to millions of travelers each year. Enroute Spa’s mission of making wellness convenient is realized through airport locations and expansion into the city of Indianapolis with pop-up shops at conventions and services onsite at corporations.

Enroute Spa’s Gen Con 2013 menu centers upon chair massage, the most convenient and effective way to deliver wellness in a public setting. Chair massage includes manipulating muscles of the head, neck, back, arms, and hands to bring a relaxation and a better focus to our gamers. Enroute Spa has expanded its SPA Program class offering to include instruction on massage therapy, as well as yoga and meditation all focused to enhance the gaming experience.
Sun King Brewing
Sun King Brewing and Gen Con Partner for Official Beer in 2013
If you missed the exciting Sun King Brewing announcement from earlier this week, you can read more about it here.
Based on the success of last year's official beer partnership, Sun King Brewing and Gen Con LLC have announced a partnership to create an all-new beer for Gen Con Indy 2013. In addition, for the first time in Gen Con Indy history, the event will feature a 21-and-over beer garden located on Georgia St. The official beer also will be available for purchase at numerous participating local restaurants and bars.

“Gen Con is an incredible experience, and we’re excited to work with them and Indianapolis Downtown, Inc., to expand the scope of the festivities,” said Sun King brewer/owner Dave Colt. “Utilizing Georgia St. is a great way to enhance the experience for attendees, but it also allows everyone the opportunity to enjoy and discover the wonders of Gen Con!”

Similar to last year, fans will again help select the official name for the Gen Con Indy 2013 beer. An official contest will be announced on Gen Con's Facebook page with more details to follow. If you're in Indianapolis and of legal drinking age, stop by Sun King's brewery and tell them how excited you are for the Gen Con 2013 official beer!
Sitters to the Rescue
Child Care Available at Gen Con Indy 2013
If you missed the prior announcement, for the third year in a row, Gen Con Indy will have child care options available onsite throughout Gen Con weekend. Details on how to register, available time slots, and location will be announced soon. The Gen Con team is excited to welcome back a highly regarded partner and high quality service provider.

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