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Monday, May 10, 2010

Who got me into gaming

When I look back on how I became interested in gaming I see what is a perfect storm like of location of a small mid western town, a need to read and a thirst for what was beyond the horizon. Being the youngest of six children and a large age difference between myself and my sibling made my imagination my best playmate not to mention the empty garage and sturdy apple tree that over looked the train tracks. 

Movies of the time with claymation monsters from the mind of HH and magazines by the great Fory Ackerman help fire the need for something other then card games and chess. So when out of the Mind of  EGG came this new experience brought to me by someone in the Drama Club I was hook. My parents spoke a mantra that I remember to this day  "At least he is not doing drugs" It may be weird and unknown to us and it maybe a gateway to devil worship but at east he is not on drugs..

Years before the Internet and the WWW we would communicate with fellow gamers  through the mail with APA, or fanzines we would mimeograph off and send out about the world I have meet many fine and wonder people including my wive and we have two wonder children who also play games. We ran a game shop for fifteen years and my most fond memory was in 1996 at thanksgiving All my family was gathered around worried about making it to retirement or if the plant was going to close and as they then turned to me I just looked at them and said I just need to lower my tax liability next quarter but hey "at least I not on drugs."

Good gaming all.