Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Lord Of the Ring Russian Illustrations

These works remind me of medieval miniatures and Russian icons: a deliberately clumsy, disproportionate figures halos over the heads of some of the characters (there is even a kind of angels are). On the other hand, the walls are tiled and, in particular, being in sadomozohista suit seem quite so out of place. 

After that, the pictures of Alan Lee and John Howe accept a Middle-earth is quite difficult, but I think these images are worthy of attention, at least from -lost its originality.

 (699x500, 445Kb)

 (693x500, 490Kb)

 (442x699, 131Kb)

 (693x500, 436Kb)

 (490x699, 136Kb)

 (480x699, 159Kb)

 (473x699, 155Kb)

 (470x699, 150Kb)

 (475x699, 159Kb)

 (484x698, 157Kb)

 (482x699, 144Kb)

 (473x698, 143Kb)

 (489x699, 150Kb)

 (500x693, 145Kb)

 (699x509, 100Kb)

 (475x698, 89Kb)

 (699x526, 125Kb)

 (699x499, 89Kb)

 (700x485, 84Kb)

 (699x529, 93Kb)

 (481x699, 93Kb)

 (699x509, 111Kb)

 (490x699, 101Kb)

 (489x699, 92Kb)

 (490x699, 101Kb)

 (490x699, 98Kb)

 (361x500, 188Kb)

 (359x500, 212Kb)

 (362x500, 222Kb)

 (362x500, 198Kb)

 (357x500, 221Kb)

 (360x500, 222Kb)

 (359x500, 241Kb)

 (389x500, 268Kb)

 (363x500, 251Kb)

 (355x500, 224Kb)

 (364x500, 225Kb)

 (363x500, 227Kb)

 (360x500, 163Kb)

 (690x500, 452Kb)
 (692x500, 399Kb)

 (691x500, 434Kb)

 (681x500, 381Kb)

 (693x500, 441Kb)

 (687x500, 417Kb)

 (693x500, 332Kb)

 (690x500, 389Kb)

 (694x500, 374Kb)
 (689x500, 427Kb)

 (688x500, 423Kb)

 (692x500, 382Kb)

 (690x500, 346Kb)

 (687x500, 401Kb)

 (687x500, 428Kb)

 (692x500, 378Kb)

 (677x500, 419Kb)

 (693x500, 411Kb)

 (692x500, 342Kb)

 (690x500, 368Kb)

 (694x500, 472Kb)

 (678x500, 407Kb)

 (693x500, 412Kb)

 (699x500, 445Kb)

 (692x500, 462Kb)

 (692x500, 441Kb)

 (690x500, 387Kb)

 (695x500, 381Kb)

 (687x500, 434Kb)
 (699x495, 407Kb)

 (693x500, 393Kb)

 (694x500, 418Kb)

 (694x500, 441Kb)

 (697x500, 446Kb)

 (350x500, 158Kb)