Saturday, June 23, 2012

New magic item l

Ring of the Huntsman  This gold and ivory ring is carved with what appears to to be a hunting pack of some sort of dog/wolves chasing a deer. A closer look reveals  that the ivory is used for the fangs and claws of the beasts. Their eyes appear to twinkle with small rubies that are random number of 1d10. The ring allows the wearer to control all canines and lupines within 60 feet for 1 hour per rubied eye on the ring. after using the charge one ruby disappears from the ring.
     The true insidious nature of the ring is when the final ruby disappears the ring claps onto the finger of the wearer and causes all canine and lupines in the area will attack the wearer above all others. The ring is attached for1d8 days. If the wear hides indoors during this time the building will
become surrounded by 1d% of dogs and wolves. Howling from the pack causes the loss of 1d6 wisdom and 1d4 constitution to the wearer. After the ring falls off the disappears over 4 hours.
    For the truly evil curse the wearer is turned into a stag for 1d10 hours with 1d20 hounds attempting to bring the stag down. The wearer retains hit points and its intelligence. All items fall away from wearer of of the ring except the ring which is absorbed into the stags body. If the wearer survives the hunt they are rewarded with an equal number of rubies for each member of the hunting pack.