Saturday, August 25, 2012

Low Life Miniatures by Andy Hopp — Kickstarter

Low Life Miniatures by Andy Hopp — Kickstarter
A highly detailed line of miniatures based on the weird and whimsical Low Life game by Andy Hopp (but usable anywhere).
  • Launched:Aug 24, 2012
  • Funding ends:Sep 23, 2012
  • Don't want to forget? We'll remind you by email 48 hours before funding ends.

GAZILLIONS of years in the future...

Every possible calamity, cataclysm, apocalypse, and cosmic hangnail has befallen our beloved Mutha Oith during a bygone era known as The Time of The Flush. Now, After the Wipe, the ancient Hoomanrace is extinct and the wobbly orb is wrecked. Oith's current denizens evolved from the lowliest of the low: the resilient roach, the indomitable worm, the everlasting snack cake - the dregs that survived.
It is a time of grand adventure, bold exploration, mighty hocus-pokings, and the occasional hint of whimsical madness; a time of immense struggle, monstrous monstrosities, and remarkable happenstance where even the lowliest worm can become a Keistermeister by his own mop.
Now, by popular demand and the screaming insistence of literally gazillions of clamoring fans, Mutha Oith Creations is proud to announce, in partnership with the formidable Eastern Front Studios, an entire line of (wait for it)...


The initial set will include these NINE figures, all done in heroic 28mm scale and ridiculously perfect for all your Low Life adventures or anywhere else dark whimsy is appreciated. The minis will be cast either in high-quality resin or white pewter, depending on the level of funding received.
Once funding is reached for the initial set of nine, a number of awesome stretch goals will take effect. We'll talk about those a bit later on. For now, let's meet the peeps:
Byulunculus the Vigilant: An armored pile who spends his nights goozing around Floom astride his loyal pygmy slog, Orthington, indiscriminately sawing limbs and other bits from bad guys (and the occasional not-so-bad guy).
Walloping Krong: A cremefillian from the town of Bottom Saloo, he wields his flaming Dammit Hammer with impunity, crushing all who oppose him or insult his momma's sandwich recipe.
Occifer Gleech: This hoink of Torkle weilds his vibrant 'stache and shovel staff to enforce the city's mandates from the Grease Tunnel Turf to the Sock Garter District. Respect his authority.
Pandalope the Panderer: A pimpular tizn't from Over There, Pandalope maintains a stable in Floom's The Pits neighborhood, occupying an alley between the Slargleflop and Pickled & Plowed.
Unctious Pwoof: A masterful smellcaster from the Garden of Smellemental Glee, Unctious is shown here in mid reek-coalescence. She's mighty mighty.
Trozzgoxx the Lobe: Rumored to canoodle with emissaries of the mysterious Primordial Soup Kitchen, Trozzgoxx is a powerful dementalist and celebrated weisenheimer. He also gives great back rubs.
Angry Ubgunsker: As a member of the Happy Plate Club, Ubgunsker hopes to leave his mark on history by eradicating every last Thing That Might Not Be. It's good to have a goal.
The Guy With The Killin' Stick: He's just a guy with a killin' stick.
Mysterious One-Eyed Croach: This wily entrepeneur hangs out in the alley across from The Dive Inn, one of Flooms skeeviest skankatoria. He specializes in healing "diseases of passion" with a sniff of his enormous red finger.
So, there you have the first nine peeps. These are the guys and girls included in the initial set. Below, let's talk about some STRETCH GOALS. These goals add extra value to the original rewards. Come along, I think you'll like them.
Assuming the listed funding level is reached, these goals are rewarded, at no extra charge, to all backers who pledge at the Stench-Wrangling Smelf level and above ($50).
Snells: This two-pack includes a male snell and a female snell, our shell-headed friends introduced in the upcoming book The Whole - A Gadabout's Guide to Mutha Oith - Vol. 01: Keister Island (pdf available now).
Funguys: Two funguys (a funguy and a fungal) live in this two-pack. How does a peep tell the difference? It's a mystery.
Flews: Get it? Their ancestors were flies but these guys don't have wings, so they're known as flews. HA! Anyway, two of them, a lad and a lass, are included.

If these STRETCH GOALS are met we'll cast the first set of nine in pewter instead of resin AND they'll all have decorative bases. Not only that, I'll write up detailed character sheets and backgrounds for these guys and make them available in PDF format.
Those are the so-called STRETCH GOALS. The following listings are the SNAZZY GOALS. They are included, as long as their relevant funding level is attained, with all backing rewards of the Wistful Oofo Dementalist level and above ($75).
Scarier Ass Mutha: Far scarier than regular scary ass muthas, these guys are ferocious, vile, and just downright mean. I'm not sure what he's so angry about, but it's probably something you did.
Umber Cuke: Befuddling beasts of the Underwhere, these voracious predators dig munching the bones of innocent gadabouts.
Lichenthrope: Once this guy was just a simple werm, but then the villainous mosses of Stan's Rug did their thang and he's all goosed up.
Werm ...of the Danged: Poor guy. It's not polite to stare.