Thursday, August 23, 2012

Paizo Publishing Reaper Pathfinder minitures on KS

Dear Tim,
Last week, I sent you an email from the floor of Gen Con letting you know about Reaper's Bones Kickstarter for their unpainted plastic miniatures. At the time, they were just passing $565,000, heading towards the first Pathfinder miniatures stretch goal, adding nine Pathfinder goblin minis to their package, plus the option to buy the Red Dragon from the cover of the Pathfinder RPG Core Rulebook.
Well, your support blew the roof off their Kickstarter; as i write this, it has just passed $1,500,000. And Reaper's next goal, at $1,540,000, will bring four more iconic Pathfinder characters. Four more? Yep—since my last email, Reaper announced a second Pathfinder stretch goal that was quickly achieved, adding seven of our iconic characters: Seelah (paladin), Damiel (alchemist), Merisiel (rogue), Feiya (witch), Valeros (fighter), Amiri (barbarian), and Seoni (sorcerer). They also added the option to buy the awesome Jabberwock from the cover of the Pathfinder RPG Bestiary 2 for only $10. And their latest goal adds Bones minis for Kyra (cleric), Ezren (wizard), Lem (bard), and Seltyiel (magus).
The best deal in miniatures gaming history keeps getting better and better. Right now, a $100 pledge (the "Vampire" level) will get you 200 Bones minis and a metal Sophie the succubus. That means the Bones figures cost only 50 cents each! Wow! And if you don't want the metal Sophie, it has been announced that you'll be able to opt out of it for $25 credit to put towards other minis, such as the gargantuan Nethyrmaul the Undying undead dragon, designed for Reaper by Wayne Reynolds!
There are only three days left to back this Kickstarter, so don't hesitate. This will be the last time that I send you a friendly reminder, one gamer to another. I want to see Reaper succeed with this Kickstarter because bringing cheaper miniatures to the hobby benefits the whole industry. But I particularly wanted to let you, my gamer friends, know so you can get in on the minis deal of a lifetime.
And as more of us get involved, the deal gets better for everyone. If this Kickstarter behaves like most, we could blow through quite a few more stretch goals before all is said and done, meaning we'll get even more miniatures for our pledges. All you have to do is get involved. I've been told that they have more Pathfinder stretch goals waiting in the wings!
Many of the staff members here at Paizo have already backed this Kickstarter, and I'm expecting we'll have quite a few painting parties around the office once they arrive. Join in the fun and get involved with the Reaper Miniatures Bones Kickstarter. People will be talking about this one for years to come. Are you on board?
Your gaming friend,
Lisa Stevens
CEO, Paizo Publishing